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the band:

Felix Zimmermann: guitar
Conrad Rodenberg: drums
Freddy Knop: bass, vocals


band / press picture (1.685 x 1.123 pxl)


info text [english]:

mOck from Berlin challenges us in all the best ways: the trio oscillates between scintillating outbursts and minimalistic reservation. Its unique and yet catchy sound feeds on sources such as post hardcore. Bands like Karate, Honey For Petzi, or Tortoise are important influences. Persisting melodies, rhythmic ruptures and free floating structures that are given to sudden changes combine to create an experience of Puzzle-Rock that lends itself to a very fine listening.


info text [german]:

mOck aus Berlin fordern uns heraus. Das Trio bewegt sich zwischen sprühenden Ausbrüchen und mimimalistischer Zurückhaltung. Ihr eigenwilliger und doch eingängiger Sound speist sich etwa aus dem Post-Hardcore. Bands wie Karate, Honey For Petzi oder Tortoise sind wichtige Einflüsse. Treibende Melodiösität, Rhythmuswechsel, fließende und sich plötzlich ändernde Strukturen ergeben zusammen einladenden Puzzle-Rock zum genaueren Hinhören.



- interview with Conrad on CMJ / on the verge

- interview about the formation of mOck on fiesefalle (in german)



also find us here:

I Love To Hate Records (USA)
Friend Of Mine Records (Japan)
Froggi Records
Crystal Barrel (web free tape label. RIP)
Time As A Color

our other musical phenotypes:
Freddy Knop .......... formerly "pOnk", Freddy solo
Kid Ikarus .......... Conrad's solo project, always taking new shapes
Prof. Hocus .......... Felix solo - shooting guitar loops from the hip
Ampl:tude .......... a keyboard synth four piece with Conrad in it
lin. .......... Freddy's and Felix's former 'alternative hardcore' band
Daisy .......... Felix's and Conrad's high school posi emo band
Elyk Wot .......... Conrad and Matthi of Ampl:tude making sweet noise

www.ffeelliixx.de .......... Felix’ webpage for video and photo projects
www.listeners.berlin .......... Freddy’s audio mastering platform
www.hedd.audio .......... Freddy and his dad make monitor speakers



Conrad Rodenberg
Boddinstraße 59, 12053 Berlin